Saturday, April 7, 2012

Try Something New

I tend to get into routines. With my hair, my makeup you name it! But I have the type of personality where  I am a creature of habit but I do get bored very quickly (doesn't really make sense but..) I love changing my hair color, I love trying new makeup trends and am currently trying to stop playing it so safe with my wardrobe.

So I figured try something new and bold for once! Might seem scary but in the end it will always be worth it. So here we go...lets try something new with our eyes. Gold liner can instantly brighten your tired eyes up,  I personally  love gold shadows on lids, it helps create that dewey golden look. But below features gold liner on top of black liner. So line your eyes with kohl pencil, then I like to go over with liquid for a more dramatic look and then above that dip a brush into gold pot, something that is easy to work with and smudgey (or a smudge pencil can do the trick). You may hate it, you may love it but the point is just trying it! Go out of you comfort zone! I'm even trying! xo

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